Normed Children

Effects of Gender and Sex Related Normativity on Childhood and Adolescence
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  • 01.10.2018
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  • ISBN: 978-3-8376-3020-6
  • Buchtitel: Normed Children
  • Untertitel: Effects of Gender and Sex Related Normativity on Childhood and Adolescence
  • ISBN: 978-3-8376-3020-6
  • Verlag: transcript
  • Produktart: Buch
  • Seiten: 370
  • Erscheinung: 01.10.2018
  • Einband: Paperback
  • Reihe (Titel): Gender Studies
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Gender- and sex-related norms have an impact on us from the first to the last day of our lives. What are the effects of such norms on the education of children and adolescents? Conveyed via parents/family, school, and peers, they seem to be an inseparable part of human relations.
After its favorable reception in German-speaking countries from 2014 onwards, this title is now available in English. The texts show that the traditional assumption of a dualistic, bipolar normativity of sex and gender leads to children being taught gender-typical behavior. The contributions in this volume explore the reasons for these practices and open the debate on the divergence between the prevailing norms and the plurality of different life plans. In addition, the book helps to disengage the topic of sex and gender from a hitherto narrowly circumscribed context of sexual orientation.
The contributions point the way towards a culture of respect and mutual acceptance and show new methodological as well as theoretical approaches, e.g. by introducing the figure of the continuum, so that, in future research projects, more than just the two sexes and genders of female and male might be considered as a new normality.
Erik Schneider (Dr. med.) is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and does freelance work in Luxembourg in the areas of medicine, law, education and ethics. The focal points of his research include criticism of definitions and categories, dynamics and potency of power between medicine, especially psychiatry, law and educational science, including ethical aspects, sex/gender binarity and variations.
Christel Baltes-Löhr (Prof. Dr), born in 1956, is researcher and teacher at the University of Luxembourg. Since 2003, she is active in the fields of Gender, Migration and Education. From 2004-2016 she acted as Gender Representative of the University and from 2006-2017, she represents Luxembourg in the EU-Helsinki Group on Women and Science, from 2017 in the ERAC (European Research Area Committee) SWG (Standing Working Group) on Gender in Science & Innovation. Since 2016, she is Member for Luxembourg in the Experts' Forum of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and since 2015 member of Luxembourgish National Ethics Committee (C.N.E.).

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